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10 Groundbreaking Tracks of Pure Sound
Full of Love... Energy... Power... Hope and Freedom
By Uncaught...
Paolo Piana & Mary Doherty...
Unstoppable Energy of Love !

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It's Time

A very unique Blues, waves of
rhythm and sound out of the ordinary,
and Mary's Wonderful Voice -

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A Song for Meditation and Dance which helps you to go ahead
in life, removing problems and obstacles found on the way.
This powerful rhythmic Mantra accompained by the hypnotic
sound of Mary's voice creates Magic ! -

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A Song for Meditation and Relaxation which helps you to find
Deep Inner Peace, opening up the space for profound Awareness.
This pulsing Mantra comes to life in the undulations evoked
by the masterful entwining of Instrument and Voice -

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A Song for Meditation and Exuberance which moves you to feel
the quality of Joy, the childlike freedom of fun and laughter.
This vivid Mantra captures  the sound of a million resonant Guitars in
a lively arrangement to evoke Lakshmi's Abundance to the maximum ! -

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OM Dance

This is a unique way to experience the primordial sound of OM.
Its vocal harmonics, combined with a steady dance rhythm and
powerful visuals, is an exuberant and very enjoynable daily practice
to really feel the many benefits of OM! -

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